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Vinyl & Leather Polish

A proprietary solvent free vinyl, leather & plastic polish with UV guard offers a strong and lasting level of protection against fading, discoloration and cracking of leather, plastic, vinyl & rubber surfaces from prolonged exposure to UV rays while also helping to restore and maintain the natural non-greasy look and feel of the vehicle’s interior trim and plastic by creating a rich shine & deep colour on interior surfaces.

Restore new life to all leather, plastic, vinyl & rubber surfaces: dashboard, car interiors, shoes, patent leather, belts, wallets, jackets, bumpers, moldings, door handles, rearview mirror housings, windshield cowlings, etc.

Not for use on floors, vehicle controls (pedals, grips, steering wheels), bench or cycle seats, cycle tires, brake drums and other surfaces where slipperiness may be hazardous, suede, unfinished leather or fabric.
Vinyl & Leather Polish
Product Price
Vinyl & Leather Polish (125gm) : Rs.165

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